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Cloud Technologies

Serviops offers services on multiple cloud providers including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Microsoft Azure. This gives our clients the option to choose the solution that works best for them. We’ve also worked on hybrid setups between different cloud providers, and have the experience to help our clients choose the best cloud solution that fits their application needs.

Technologies We Work With

Along with our cloud expertise, Serviops also has an extensive experience in using a wide variety of IT tools and solutions. We believe that our clients should always be served using the latest and most modern IT tools available in the market. This is why we always stay on the lookout for new products that can help us deliver our services in the best possible way. 

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Partnership With AWS

Our partnership with AWS is key to helping our customers take full advantage of all the business benefits that AWS has to offer. It also enables us to strengthen our technical knowledge with continuous and advanced AWS trainings.

We are ready to listen to your needs, and together determine how Serviops can help you achieve your goals