DevOps is a methodology that increases an organization’s capacity to deliver at a higher speed and better efficiency. Development and operations teams collaborate to emphasize synergy and communication between these traditionally separate groups.

There are many benefits to working the DevOps way and having a cross-functional team. Predominantly, this enables faster delivery of features, more stable operating as well as faster resolution of problems.

continuous integration tools

CI/CD Pipeline

Continuous Integration (CI) allows developers to integrate code into a shared version that can be altered continuously. This process is essential for the testing phase as it helps detect integration errors quickly and gives feedback to users so that those errors are corrected rapidly.

Continuous Deployment (CD) is an extension to Continuous Integration that ensures that all new changes are released to customers automatically and that service is not interrupted.

Serviops helps its clients deploy applications across various platforms used in the development process without interruption through a CI/CD pipeline. This results in a more efficient and reliable deployment process that improves the productivity of both the development and operations team and allows the business to get the most functionality out of its software.

Configuration Management

Configuration Management (CM) refers to methodically handling changes to a system in a way that maintains integrity over time. Configuration management tools can automate the provisioning of new servers in an efficient manner that makes way for automation. 

Choosing a CM tool requires a careful understanding of the infrastructure. Serviops is there to assist clients in knowing which CM tool is ideal for their environment by taking into account cost and functionality.

change management tools
infrastructure as code tools

Infrastructure as a Code (IaaC)

Infrastructure as a code (IaaC) is the process of managing and provisioning infrastructure in a codified way. This allows users to deploy networks, virtual machines, load balancers and other cloud related resources using versioned scripts.

Serviops has the experience to help its clients achieve their required cloud resources deployments using the latest technologies.