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SERVIOPS services

Looking to streamline your online systems? We can help. In an everyday capacity, these are the services we offer – at a glance. 


Serviops offers a wide range of solutions architecture consulting services. This covers the selection and use of specific technologies to meet the expected user demand. We work closely with our clients to define the architecture that best addresses their concerns and guarantees that they will obtain the desired business outcome.


Serviops is an MSP provider that gives clients the peace of mind they need to focus on their core business. This ranges from full infrastructure management to configuring automation and implementing a deployment pipeline. With our knowledge, clients can benefit from our extensive knowledge that mitigates the risks that are present in this rapid-changing environment. Our proactive solutions ensure that your business yields a better performance, and more importantly service costs are controlled since the concern of unexpected network problems would be eliminated.


Containers have made it much easier for anyone  to quickly build, test and ship portable applications. They also offer a fast and lightweight solution compared to the traditional virtual machines. Serviops can help with the design and building of a containerized platform for your application. 


Centralized Log Management (CLM) is essential for maintenance and for security!

Every application generates logs that provide information about how the application operates at any given point in time. These logs allow users to find issues as well as trends. It can be quite tedious to manually search for one particular error on one or many potential servers. CLM consolidates all of the log data and sorts it in one central and user-friendly platform.

Serviops implements CLM’s to make their client’s life easier. It contains multiple features that helps analyze and store data efficiently and at a low cost.

Sumologic is one of the many CLM providers that we work with to provide our clients with the best solution that fits their needs.


DevOps is a methodology that increases an organization’s capacity to deliver at a higher speed and better efficiency. Development and operations teams collaborate to emphasize synergy and communication between these traditionally separate groups.

There are many benefits to working the DevOps way and having a cross-functional team. Predominantly, this enables faster delivery of features, more stable operating as well as faster resolution of problems.

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Serviops can help with your cloud migration efforts by leveraging industry best practices. We do that by analyzing your needs based on your current infrastructure setup and your future cloud needs. We also strive to make the move more seamless and meet your security and compliance requirements.


A content delivery network (CDN) is a geographically distributed group of servers that securely delivers Internet content. A CDN presence improves website performance as well as the load times, also it helps with reducing bandwidth costs, and improving website security. Serviops can help you implement the best CDN solution that offers you the most efficient service taking cost expectations and service availability into consideration.


 With over a decade of experience, we take pride in being pioneers in our field. We work in many complex environments, giving us the necessary knowledge to be confident in the solutions we offer. Our flexibility to work alongside our clients is an important aspect at Serviops. We value the importance of being available for our clients when they need us the most.