Not much of a reader, consider our infographic for the top statistics and trends of cloud migration. For the full rundown, keep on reading!

2020 is the year to get your business up to speed and on the cloud. While it may feel like a big step to part with your physical servers, the benefits strongly outweigh any reasons not to. Here are five reasons that cloud migration is vital for your business. 

Pro #1 | Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) 

Moving your servers to a cloud platform dissolves the costly services associated with on premise set ups – such as datacenter resources, infrastructure management, product licensing, etc. 

Cloud services are subscription based, classified as a monthly utility. Therefore you are billed solely on what you use, nothing more. Moreover, cloud services mean you aren’t tied to long term commitments that lock you in to one specific vendor. Rather, as your business grows or your needs change, you have the freedom to move to the platform that best suits your needs.  

Cloud migration is one move that guarantees a speedy overall savings within a very short period of time.

Pro #2 | Elasticity 

Cloud computing streamlines deployment of your applications locally and globally, compute on demand.. If your company offers a global service you can expect the same stability and high quality when launching your applications anywhere in the world, as you would locally, with lower upfront investments.. 

Cloud migration ensures your services are available globally without having to physically leave your office, ultimate scalability across multiple Datacenters. 

Pro #3 | Storage & Compute Scalability  

One of the greatest aspects of cloud migration is the ease with which you can adjust your infrastructure size, while taking advantage of an “on demand” model. 

As you find your needs changing and company growing, simply increase your storage with the click of a button – quite literally. 

Pro #4 | User Friendly

Never mind having to call, schedule and wait for an IT team to show up or be available. Set-up, updates, changes can all easily be configured and applied in your settings by your internal support team or service manager.  

Pro #5 | New Technologies 

Cloud migration exposes your team to various new technologies in artificial intelligence, Internet of things, etc. That means your business is on the front line in taking advantage of new technologies that will bring your offered services to the next level, keeping you ahead of your competitors.  

Things to Consider 

There are risks, or rather things to address, in all aspects of upgrading. There are three common struggles users face when considering cloud based servers.  

  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Availability 

As a team, we at ServiOps have had great experience and continue to fine tune our resources as we stage, configure and customize our client migrations.  

In terms of risk and breach, we have partnered with reliable hosts who have the latest and most effective security in place. In terms of reliability, our partners offer 26M+ internet properties and over 8K interconnected networks.  

We are committed to customizing your set up in perfect harmony with your compliance and post migration requirements. We will actively review each cloud service offering and determine together what best suits your needs. In terms of your need for support after the migration, Serviops offers a wide range of managed services that covers your workloads efficiently and with ease. 

At the end of the day not only is your business steel clad, but in the event of any issue your clients are re-routed in real time ensuring a smooth transaction – every time they use your site. 

Our Partners 

AWS is known globally for it’s diverse services and reliability. What’s not to love? Learn more here.


Are you looking to migrate to the cloud? Have you already migrated to the cloud but feel that it’s fallen short of your expectations? Get in touch and our experienced team will review your needs and guide you through the process.